at the big fancy art museum opening for the sculptor in oakland, the film i made was the highlight of the evening and had people reeling, including the photographer who inspired me to make the film... the sculptor's wife told me people were sitting in the auditorium watching it loop 8 or 9 times ~ i did not attend the event, but have since received an invitation to attend an Art Table Meeting with the same racist, narrow minded bitch ass snobs that would instantly give me Stink Eye before they saw that film at the exhibit.


for MONTHS in preparation for this exhibit & corresponding book on his work, i was made to feel like everything i do is just amateur bullshit by upper class art hags who then went about REDOING all my work by paying a "professional" 8x the amount of money i make to take the IDENTICAL photographs and redesign an IDENTICAL book.  so this is indeed POETIC JUSTICE, that i STILL MADE SOMETHING they couldn't ERASE ME FROM, something that they COULDN'T REMAKE before the exhibition, and it turned out to be the "Best Part of The Show". 

the bittersweet guts inside : when i recorded the "music" for this soundtrack last summer, i was alone in the studio working while the sculptor and his wife were on one of their biannual holidays at the studio in the south of france.  suddenly, i decided to try an experiment and pushed my face up against one sculpture that i liked the best, pushed record on my android phone and emitted random frequencies that reverberated through the steel. i did 3 separate takes, then, with audacity, put the 3 recordings on top of each other randomly. 

i thought of him as a mentor after working for him these 20 years. i thought he had some respect for me in return as an artist, as a woman, as a human being. i was so grateful for his presence in my life...especially since he was now one of the only people i ever saw or spoke to on a regular basis. he was the last thread i was holding onto, he was the last semblance of this life i was living in california. 

so while singing these notes, i was OVERFLOWING with gratitude & the sadness one feels for the passing of someone they love ~ at the time, i could not imagine my life without the sculptor being a part of it, but he's 80 years old, so i had to start imagining life without him... after so much loss experienced during the last 5 years, i did not think i was ready for more. i thought i couldn't handle more death, more grief. i thought wrong.

that would be the last time i'd feel this bright shiny way about him because upon his return, his friendly pats on the back gradually began slipping further down to the small of my back and once, even reaching under my clothing. that's where my deluded loyalty to him ended. 

i've often said to him that making art is so difficult, but more so for a woman because EVERYTHING you do is considered for it's artistic merit only AFTER considering the fact that it was made by a woman, and that a woman has a CUNT. duh. whenever you lose yourself in the creativity itself while making something that is Not About Being A Woman, people who see that work Always Assume You're A Man...wtf?  he and i spoke on these issues Deeply Ad Infinitum for Years...  you THINK you know a person...

and yet, he KNOWINGLY paid me far less than i was worth, saying to the woman i was training in the office to do my job, "Why should I pay a designer or photographer thousands of dollars to do work for me when I can get Tena to do it for free?"  

$20/hr is ""free" in his mind, i guess. in comparison to all the other photographers' $150/hr fee, i guess it is nothing.  but it was more than i'd ever made, and i was happy being around the art and ideas, so it's partially my own fault for not knowing my own worth or for not being completely concerned with money as if it were life itself... but a discrepancy that massively huge is not easy to overlook, it's just insulting. these are people who spend $25,000 on a 3 day hotel stay on a regular basis for christ's sake. 
it's not like they couldn't afford to pay me more. 
but it no longer mattered, i was done. 
all the love was gone.

i always knew in the pit of my stomach that something was not right here, that something was being hidden from me, and once i was ready to see the truth, it revealed itself to me ~ on paper, in emails, in receipts, invoices, even in words said directly to my face, and then i could no longer feel any of that former love or gratitude or loyalty to someone who essentially just saw me as a cheap weekly entry in his jerk off bank, but who also just so happens to have a good eye for design. 

ironically, the sculpture i sang all those grateful and sad notes through was called ELEGY, and it's one of the most prominent pieces installed at the exhibit.  

so i say FUCK YOU to the art world that is no different from the pathetic 8th grade corporate world with it's unequal pay and discrimination in all ways across the board.

i say YOU'RE WELCOME to elitist art fags for giving me the chance to prove to myself that i do exist and that i am worth something, or at least worth as much as you poncey prats.

i say THANKS BUT NO THANKS to the sculptor for not having my back, especially since it was not going to give him access to the only thing he was really paying any attention to, my fucking ass crack. i'm sure i'll forgive him for all of it when there is no longer an older man in my life making decisions about where i will live or how i will pay my rent or how much i am worth to him Without Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is and/or Without Also Consulting Me In That Decision-Making Process About MY FUCKIN LIFE.

then i borrowed the camera with which i took over 5000 pictures of his work; pictures that were always credited to him in publications, even though he never took the photos or even knew how to work the camera, until the last set of three pictures on the exhibition invitation, when i was finally "allowed" to receive a photo credit in printafter a week-long argument with his tight fisted control freak of a wife. then i cashed my "little vacation" non-employment compensation pay that is, in fact, and unbeknownst to them, my Final Severance Check. 


*u can call me ph!*



Last night was the longest amount of time i've sat in my room in the company of a male friend since Feb 13th 2011:

[that date being the last time i stood in this room, holding onto my broken bones while a full-blown psychopath thrashed about destroying my shit (not including the 3am break-in that occurred 2 weeks later), and simultaneously giving my roommate/landlord the real reason why i should be evicted~eh whatever. wrote a song about it that i care about more than either one of those 2 fuckers.]

lo and behold, here i was, actually feeling nearly comfortable. i didn't flinch, didn't feel weird if my back was turned toward him, i was not afraid to leave him unattended in my room with my piano....and i thoroughly enjoyed having a conversation with someone who knows when to write "you're" not "your"  -- albeit my reoccurring case of mouth-diarrhea. it was good to be around someone who was there because i'm a person, not because they want a tattoo, or because they want to make their partner jealous, or expect anything from me. we were just Being There.
after the movie was over and he went home in the wee hours, for no reason that i can explain, as soon as i sat back down in that spot that i've been sitting in for these long 5 years, i just started bawling like a baby. 

i'm not even sure if it's because i was happy that i was able to enjoy the company of another person for that many hours in my room, or if it was gratitude for the body and spirit's unquenchable ability to heal, survive and overcome trauma, or if it was the still present underlying fear of ever being close to anyone again - maybe even the loss of that fear - if i let people into my life again, am i just going to make all the same mistakes and find myself in the cross hairs of another cunning sociopath's gun? (i don't feel my current company was anything like some of the people i used to hang out with; he's a much gentler person and made no demands on me, but it's more about the ACT of letting someone in as opposed to the person themselves.)

i'm 5 years old again, completely helpless in the face of being a full grown fucking human being that Cannot Deny that it DOES feel better when there is some form of social contact, even if it's just a meager amount. talked myself down fairly quickly though, made another cup of tea and tried to stick with thinking about other things today instead, like how amazingly awesome that movie was…especially the ending, and in fact, i think INTERSTELLAR could possibly be the Best Film I've Ever Seen, despite how much others say they hated it.

i also absolutely LOVED "ALL IS LOST" which is one of those films that only a person who has experienced the broken-down-on-the-side-of-the-road-dragging-a-ton-of-bricks-and-an-empty-gas-can-to-the-next-town-that-might-as-well-be-a-thousand-miles-away-but-you-have-no-choice-but-to-deal-with-this-difficult-situation-so-you-do-just-that-&-deal-with-it-scenario could appreciate. people who have not lived through much hardship hated that movie too. they found it boring. because all those quiet subtle moments where it's just you and that cold wet cement you're up against, but somehow you find a small piece of string hanging off the end of your sweater that just might hold your heart in it's chest cavity long enough to get to the next tiny moment which offers you some small but immense feeling of relief that you've made it this far. 
i've seen a shit load of films…..

every big space adventure movie is always about how necessary it is to save the human race and yet the reality of our current situation on this planet clearly shows us that if people had any interest in saving the human race, along with all the other species facing extinction, all those billions of dollars would be spent on stopping the rape of planet earth, instead of perpetuating it, even if out of our own apathy and/or nihilism.  and yet, just as it is the case with Burning Man, we humans always seem more willing to spend way too much money, effort and time to EXPERIENCE CREATIVITY AS A REMOTE ESCAPE FROM THE REALITY OF OUR LIVES IN SOCIETY instead of CREATING A DAILY REALITY WITHIN OUR OWN COMMUNITY THAT WE DO NOT FEEL A NEED TO ESCAPE FROM, experiencing a society made better with all that money, effort and time, a society into which you do not need to decompress before reentry.

but the impetus for this kind of shift would probably only occur after some drastic loss of convenience, after people had overcome their cell phone separation anxiety, and start to see things differently  -- really SEE just how much blood is dripping off all of our hands, to hold that bottle of water after you've just gulped the last drop, and KNOW this plastic bottle in your hand will exist on this earth LONGER THAN YOU WILL for that short 10 minutes of refreshment. refreshment who's RIGHTS HAVE BEEN BOUGHT, yes water rights, by yet another corporation. 
it's the same thing that is so frustrating when it comes to every genius invention or discovery that could potentially do so much GOOD, but the best ideas are derailed or corrupted in order to cause more harm. 

for example, the Rife machine, which can cure just about every disease known to mankind through the direct application of FREQUENCIES that alter or eliminate that molecular structure. it's been discredited widely by mainstream funded experts saying some people still died. yes, people do still die. in fact, the number of people dying every year from side effects on psychotropics is over 100,000. but if it's got the stamp of approval from "trusted" medical establishments, it's ok that so many people are test subjects for this great experiment that has yet to actually substantiate any of it's claims. better still if those people are poor. 

our endless anthropocentrism = thinking we humans are The Shit, and still doing Really Stupid Things to the earth like FRAKKING without having an ounce of distrust that the ENERGY COMPANIES THAT EXIST FOR PROFIT, NOT BECAUSE THEY LOVE US are lying about how much methane is leaking into the atmosphere and making our situation 8X WORSE than it was with coal emissions.... and we cannot claim ignorance anymore, we already have all the pieces of the puzzle and slowly as people lose their fear of how they will be judged by the mainstream, the parts will come together.  once that habitual assumption of respect for some antiquated authority erodes after everyone knows that the authority figure was secretly fucking all those kids behind closed doors, the authority figure cannot keep the fear mongering machine going because now you reject it's authority and no longer listen to it.

none of this, in my book, will be possible for the human race in general, until one thing becomes crystal clear: ALBERT EINSTEIN DID NOT DISCOVER THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY ON HIS OWN. Mileva Maric, his wife, saw this in a dream, and brought it to the chalkboard to work it out with her (then, EQUAL) husband....only to be whitewashed from it's publication, divorced, and eventually committed to a mental institution purposefully, so that she could be closer to hers & albert's schizophrenic son.  if the human race can't even bring itself to admit that one half of it's population is worth being considered equal, not treated like a dog tied up in the back yard, or paid less than, or derided when in positions that "should be" held by the other half of the population, then we don't DESERVE to fuckin live. i've heard a theory on why man looks upon something beautiful, loves it, then goes about destroying it -- because he has no uterus. he cannot create life. and since women CAN create life (with men's spooge duh!) then, she shouldn't be allowed to DO ANYTHING ELSE OTHER THAN GIVE LIFE.  pfffft.   and the LAST thing this planet needs right now is More Fuckin Human Beings.  so uterus-envy. get over yourself. although, the upside of that is, if men could give birth, abortion would probably be globally legal and more children would grow up without being damaged by parents that didn't really want them = less crime = less drug addiction = less sexual slavery = less of lots of shit that all stems from the fact that women are still not 100% allowed to have control over their own reproductive systems. 

it's easy to become overwhelmed in that scenario, and the ONLY way anyone could sane in the process of so much fluctuation would be to look at the changes ahead in the same way that the surviving mountain climber actually made it down off the mountain in that documentary K2 == never look at the TOTAL DISTANCE you need to cover.  Look only at the next small mile marker and aim for that. once you make it there, aim for the next small mile marker, and just keep going, in small increments... 

The Mother of Invention once told me in a lucid dream:

"If you take lots of little steps to hell, 
you will eventually end up in hell. 
If you take lots of little steps to heaven, 
you will eventually end up in heaven."

To which Rimbaud now replies:

"To whom shall I hire myself out?
What beast must I adore?
What holy image is attacked?
What hearts must I break?
What lie must I maintain?

P>S> regarding the recent double-edged event of the solar and lunar eclipses & 
all the crazy things happening everywhere therein...
don't think i'm done processing the effects of this major shift yet...
still trying out this Becoming Friends With Death & Endings, but we're still in the honeymoon phase
and so far, it's like depeche mode says:
it's a lot

*u can call me ph!*