blue monday


FAIR WARNING, this is the polar opposite of a dance track, SO TURN IT UP!

recorded this in about 2 or 3 takes on monday afternoon. 
it's the newest addition for of the upcoming deletist / big black butthole
"3rd class" cover songs album. i say 'album' loosely as i only wish i had the money 

to release on vinyl, even if just for the thrill of making the album cover, 
and including all the crazy inner sleeve art.
you know how it was growing up...  

it's not perfect, but i am learning how to "highlight the imperfections" rather than strive 
for some insane and unrealistic version of perfection that never happens anyway. 
besides, it's just noise. albeit this one was a rather sad noise, but, you know after 
the last 6 months i've had, it's not surprising something sad, 
instead of immensely wrathful, came out of me.
of course, it was followed by 13 solid hours of crying. 
i knew it was all gonna come out of the holes in my face sooner or later.

afterward, i felt clean 
and ok with letting all that shit + *bloodlust* go...
crawling out from the catharsis bath..... 
quite a nice change of pace really.

not to say i don't still owe a couple people One Swift Kick In The Nuts.

so, yeah, cover songs. don't sue me.
i'm unemployed.
it would be a total waste of your precious time.

if it is indeed true that ox is correct and our unemployment 
has been extended, then that time, 
you will see the results of unkempt productivity as it spews out from my damaged brain. 

you SURE you're ok with that?

oh well, i'm gonna do it anyway.

thanks for your interest and support.
you know there's nothing worse than being ignored
and having your efforts devalued.

so remember:

because listening should always be free. 


Big Black Butthole ist Deletist spiele auf das blut in der Bleakhaus!

noise & doom blog now up - 
scraped together by the deletist a.k.a. big black butthole for news, photos, videos, audio, 
reviews and opinions concerning local sf noise shows whether or not they are held inside bleakhaus
it's a bedroom overlooking mission street, not really a friggin concert hall, yo. 
besides booking other bands, i also plays cello / oboe / piano / harmonium / blood in other projects ::  
Weltschmerz - cellos of doom! 
Das Blut - self-mutilation causes bleeding during minimalist instrumental improvisations. 
die der das - is an alarm call. 
and one as of yet unnamed project performing Murder Ballads. 

yeah. so that's that. i play lots of free shows.