d.i.y. tree light made with what was apparently, My Stick Collection - which sounded weird until i saw the remarkable film "Beauty is Embarrassing"....

*u can call me ph!*


Lay Down

lately, i've been noticing that my body REALLY dislikes being exposed to the sun's radiation until it is at least at a 45 degree angle from my face. it Actually Hurts.

here is a video i just made of a song recorded on an analogue 4 track in october 2001. the photo was taken in london the same year.

Lay Down

*u can call me ph!*



variations on a theme


CTRL/v\3RR0R version of a Misfits song that sounds nothing like the original cuz i don't see the point of doing that...if a cover sounds exactly the same, you might as well listen to the original, therefore, this is not so much a cover song, as it is a variation on the theme of LITTLE ANGELFUCK .

*u can call me ph!*


here is your big CAREER!

"here is your big career" by bitter pie 2013 ink on paper 3x5 feet
"oops there it goes..."
 "it looks like shit"
"net worth about two dollars and fourteen cents"

"most [friends/coworkers/people] rip me off"

"reaping only more disdain"

"it looks like shit"

"you are going to end up [___].  you are too independent. you are autistic. you are overbearing. you are so strong."

"the only time i feel happy to be alive is when i am alone."


mind control

healing happens -- finally, after waiting over two years to find any humor at all in post-trauma, suddenly one day i was walking home from work in oakland at sunset and this memory became the most hilarious, balls out funny thing ever:::

Noise Show @ Amnesia 2+ years ago in which i showed up with a psychotic homophobic man child during the first (and only) week we were happy together.  weirdly i watched as many of my male friends gathered around and began personifying apes.  For over 2 years i've been in yer face, single as fuck, but you want nothing to do with me - even going as far as Actively Ignoring me. BUT NOW, the second i appear to be "with" some dude, you suddenly start making interested motions.

it makes me wonder if there was any actual interest in me as a human being, or if i am only considered the female pawn in some grand pissing contest a bunch of men are all having with each other.  uch. i was LIVID>>but that's not the funny part.

unbeknownst to me, my "boyfriend" then went about hitting on every one of those guy friends of mine even though he's "not gay" and then proceeded to beat some crap outta me later that night because i'm "too much like a dude".....


making this album saved my life...